eDNA Laboratory Analysis

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is simply DNA that is present in the environment. It originates from sloughed off cells of organisms present in the area. We analyse this DNA to verify the presence or absence of a species in that system. eDNA degrades over time so it provides a snapshot of what organisms are present currently or very recently

Quality and attention to detail is essential, especially when working with such sensitive eDNA methods, this is why SureScreen is ISO9001 accredited and apply the quality management system to all our DNA work.

We have a strong partnership with Dr Michael Sweet and The University of Derby to bridge the gap between researching useful assays and delivering real solutions to help the ecological industry. This collaboration has resulted in several eDNA tests to be developed including an eDNA test, which has been fully validated, to detect the presence of white clawed crayfish in a flowing water system.

Some of our other collaborative projects include the RESPOC system for rapid diagnosis of respiratory diseases and the DNA-based Q-CANCER project developing a fast-processing genetic sequencer for cancer biopsy samples.


eDNA Analysis

Currently SureScreen offers testing for:

SureScreen is also currently researching and looking to launch other eDNA testing capabilities such as:

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