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When Great Crested Newts (GCN) inhabit a pond, cells containing their DNA is continually sloughed off into the water. We analyse the environmental DNA present in the water column to assess presence or absence, leaving you to do further investigation if found positive. This process is very sensitive, robust, and requires careful handling in a controlled laboratory environment.

GCN eDNA Analysis

Our testing service offers attention to detail from the arrival of your kit to our analysis and full technical report. Please send completed kits back to our Laboratory at SureScreen Scientifics Ltd, Morley Retreat, Church Lane, Morley, Derbyshire DE7 6DE by courier. We’ve had a success working with APC, they have depots across the UK and the most convenient drop-off spot may be found here. We also accept hand-delivered kits between 07.30 and 16.30 Monday to Friday, and by appointment 24/7.

We offer three tiers of turnaround times:

  • Standard  – results within 10 working days from sample receipt – £120.00 per kit
  • Fast Track  – results within 3 working days from sample receipt– £220.00 per kit
  • Super Fast Track *- Results within 1 working day from sample receipt – £320.00 per kit

*New in 2018

All tiers require an initial kit purchase of £20.00 which can be ordered online here. One kit can be used for one pond. Prices exclude VAT.

Your results are only as good as the sample collection. Please take care to not cross-contaminate samples between ponds or stir up old DNA that has settled into the pond substrate. Please follow the instructions included in the kit to avoid common pitfalls.


Why use SureScreen Scientifics?

There are many reasons why SureScreen should be your laboratory of choice:

  1. Quality– we strictly follow WC1067, the accepted eDNA screening method by Natural England. They list us as a quality provider of this service and we have participated in their proficiency testing.
  2. Experience– Surescreen has carried out eDNA analysis since the technique was first approved by Natural England in 2015. Our team of qualified technicians are continuously learning and making improvements to our process.
  3. Extended Shelf Life on Kits- New in 2018. Natural England have extended the kit shelf life to 3 months from sample receipt. This means that kits bought from SureScreen can be used at anytime during the GCN season. Kits still need to be kept in a cool room out of direct sunlight before use. After samples have been taken, it is recommended that kits are kept in a refrigerator at 4 degrees Celcius and returned to the laboratory as soon as possible. As a maximum limit, kits need to be returned to the laboratory within 4 weeks if kept at 4 degrees Celcius or 2 weeks if kept at room temperature.
  4. No pre-booking required– There’s no need to book analysis slots ahead of time. Simply send the kits back whenever you’re ready and we will do our best to do the full analysis by the deadline at the latest. Results will be sent as soon as they’re available.
  5. Competitively Priced- Beyond offering competitive prices, SureScreen offers the kit and analysis separately. If you cannot gain access to a pond, or testing is no longer required, you will only pay the £20 per kit, and not the analysis at £140 to £320 per kit.
  6. Personal Touch– SureScreen is a dynamic, family run business located in a beautiful, renovated Country Retreat. We own all the analytical equipment and facilities, offering the company stability, security, and a personal touch. We use sustainable materials when possible, recycle, have a ground source heat pump, and overlook an orchard with bee hives.

For a flowchart taking you through the GCN eDNA analysis process click here.

Click SureScreen GCN eDNA Testing Form  to download a word version of the sample form so you can edit it and print to save time.

Note: Natural England GCN eDNA Analysis season is between mid april and end of June.

Please call +44 (0) 1332 292003 if you would like more information or see our frequently asked questions here.

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